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Here's how we can grow your brand.

Build the foundation.
A strong, informative website is the first step towards driving brand awareness and growth.
Smart social + SEO.
Social media with a purpose. Not just content for the sake of content.
Metrics that matter.
Measure. Optimize. Measure again.


"Chloe was an amazing social media strategist. She helped us articulate our goals, set a social strategy that tapped our strengths in the market, and worked diligently with our team to execute. We've seen tremendous growth and engagement over a very short period of time — we would absolutely work with her again!"  

Samantha Hersch, Seniors Blue Book
"Having an SEO session with Chloe is like dropping digital acid — your brain expands and the Google universe opens up. Seriously though, in just a few waves of the SEO wand, she’s helped me identify key opportunities to punch up my site and conquer my market. Can’t recommend enough!”

Krissy Vanderwarker, Storyteller + Brand Strategist
"Chloe has lit a fire under our creative direction and crafted a dynamic and targeted LinkedIn strategy for my coaching company, SoulSalt Inc. She’s an expert at seeing the big picture as well as executing on the details, and her skills are translating into brand growth and awareness for our business. She also happens to be a joy to work with. We’re big fans!"

Lyn Christian, SoulSalt Inc.

Who this is for

Business owners and busy leaders who want to see an immediate uptick in social media performance and content ranking (as well as long-term growth)

Chlowe is for the:

✦ Busy COO who has a lot on her plate but wants to use social media to acquire new leads
✦ Overwhelmed account leader who sees social numbers dropping and doesn’t like it
✦ Smart and savvy business owner who just doesn’t have the time to delve into strategic social growth opportunities for her company

Are you ready to work with Chlowe?

✦ You’ve tried tackling social media yourself (either organic or paid) and you ended up with generic social media posts that are not capturing the voice of your brand (and thereby, not creating real engagement or leads)

✦ You’ve unearthed some helpful keywords related to your company, but aren’t sure how to leverage those words to drive growth

✦ You have a shiny, optimized website that’s humming along, but there are gaps in the user experience that are harming your overall conversions 

✦ You have the processes in place to handle an increase in sales (and therefore, revenue) You’re ready to invest at least $4,000/mo in digital strategy

Let's talk strategy.

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